Replacing Missing Tooth/Teeth

We here at Forever Smile pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge and mainstream of dental care so our clients emerge from our office with a smile, no matter their procedure.

Missing a tooth either by trauma or infection can be a frustrating experience for anyone. It can affect the chewing or the appearance of the smile. In today’s dental technology, this problem can be easily solved by Dr. Shelyan. Missing teeth can be replaced by three different procedures.

Our Three Procedures
Dental Implants

Dental implants are the preferred approach to replace missing teeth because of lasting lifetime and being a permanent solution. This procedure requires an experienced dentist who uses a high standard and authentic dental implant.

Fixed Bridges

These traditional bridges are also an alternative solution for replacing missing teeth. This procedure requires preparing adjacent teeth to missing tooth for crowns which are connected with another crown to fill the gap.

Removable Bridges

Also known as flippers, this procedure is mostly a temporary solution to replace missing teeth. It is removable and not comfortable to eat with. Most patients accept this procedure for appearance until a permanent solution is provided.  Dr. Shelyan uses “Snap-On Smile” for this procedure which is aesthetically  more acceptable by patients.