Customization is the art of dentistry. It is one of Dr. Shelyan’s strongest passions. Perfection in a smile is achieved through the process of combining Science with Art. Dr. Shelyan customizes teeth in exact color, shape, characteristics and appearance to make every dream smile a reality.

The procedure is as follows:
  • Taking digital and tooth specific photographs using a special camera. (Complimentary)
  • If needed, an expert esthetic dental lab technician will meet you in our office for custom shading, shaping, and characteristics.
  • Changing all characteristics from a single tooth to a whole smile line on digital photograph using special software.
  • Making a wax up and simulation on models and in the mouth.
  • The patient reviews the customization to be sure it is an exact match to their dream natural smile.
The advantages of customization:
  • Minimal and conservative teeth preparations which may include no cutting to very small roughening of enamel.
  • Changes can be done chairside so you do not have to make multiple appointments.
  • You can see the final result on your photos and in the mouth before final cementations.
  • You will have a smile of your dreams for a very long time.
The disadvantages of customizations:
  • It is case selective meaning not everyone can be qualified for customizations.
  • It is slightly more costly than conventional crowns and veneers but the feeling of happiness is priceless.
  • Expectations from patients has to be possible to implement.

Dr. Shelyan proudly has made many people happier with their smiles. He has the power of seeing in his mind the end result before starting and understands what the patient desires in just a few minutes of consultation.

Call our office to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Shelyan and leave with a Digital photo of your Before and After smile as our gift to you.