Bone Grafting

Dr. Shelyan is an expert in bone grafting. Bone grafting is done when the patient has experienced bone loss due to teeth extractions or periodontal disease. Bone grafting is necessary after extractions to maintain bone density and dimensions.

What Is Bone Grafting?

Bone loss to the jaw is one of the most serious consequences of missing teeth. It begins as soon as a tooth is lost, when the natural stimulation for bone growth created by the force of teeth chewing can no longer occur. The result can be dramatic—the width of the bone can reduce by 25% in the first year alone after tooth loss.

Patients who suffer from missing teeth for a long time and are in need of dental implants are the best candidates for bone grafting. Bone graft materials vary depending on its need. The grafting material will eventually be absorbed by your body and replaced by your own new bone.

Advantages of Bone Grafting

There are several advantages to bone grafting:

  • Grafts can preserve or restore bone volume where teeth have been removed. This allows you to have the most and best options available for your implant needs.
  • Grafts can increase bone density, which may in turn decrease the rate of bone loss.
  • Grafts allow us to place implants at sites that would be impossible to implant after resorption.

Dr. Shelyan is a trusted source who can determine whether bone grafting is a viable solution for you. Contact our Los Angeles office today to schedule an appointment and find out how to enhance your smile’s health and appearance with a bone grafting procedure.